Snohomish County Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Hoekstra Law Group provides high quality advocacy throughout the Puget Sound and surrounding areas for individuals who are in dire need of strong representation while providing personal attention to your unique and specific needs. Life is unpredictable and you or those you care about could find yourself in the tough position of needing a criminal defense attorney. HLG is dedicated to protecting your rights and interests when you are accused of a criminal violation and we are a strong advocate for your interests in traffic offenses, DUIs, criminal accusations and domestic violence. Further we can counsel you in family issues related to such topics as separation, custody and child support. We will treat you and your case with respect and dignity from beginning to end. Providing superior legal services is our founding belief.

Our goal is to provide cost effective representation that is tailored to your needs. Having a charge brought against you is scary and intimidating. Our Snohomish County criminal defense attorney will help you through every stage of the proceeding and draft a strategy together. We believe that communication is essential. We understand that you are more than a name and a case number. We will cut through the legalese and help you understand all the complex issues in your case.

You have options. We will take the time to understand your circumstances and present to you how to go forward in order to get you the best outcome possible. We will not rush you through the system. We will tell you where you stand and what kind of solutions you have. Your options may include negotiation of your plea, representation at trial, and in some cases Drug Diversion Court. These kinds of legal matters can be life changing and have a profound impact on your future. We at HLG will be diligent in our preparation and representation. We believe honest communication is essential to your success. Honest communication will lead to a better outcome whether it is in court or through negotiation with the other party. You will not be left in the dark. You will know exactly what work HLG has done for you, why that work was done, and where we will go forward.

We provide exceptional representation specifically tailored to your position while being cost-efficient for you. HLG has a virtual and largely paperless office to help keep costs and overhead low. Because we do not have to spend additional hours copying and searching for physical copies, we can save us time and save you money. Your information is always confidential and protected.

About Us

The Hoekstra Law Group is passionate about advocating for the rights and interests of our clients. HLG focuses on criminal defense, traffic defense, and family law. These areas encompass a wide variety of legal areas including representation for felonies, misdemeanors, driving under the influence, driving while your license is suspended, car accidents, and domestic violence matters.

Hoekstra Law Group is a flexible service and strives to be responsive and prompt while providing top-notch service. HLG believes there is no better way to serve you than through a face-to-face meeting and an initial consultation is always free of charge.

Our belief is in superior legal services and at HLG we strive to achieve this belief in every action we take. Please call HLG to discuss your options.

Snohomish County criminal defense lawyer Ben Hoekstra was raised in Washington and knows the specific challenges Washingtonians face. We proudly serve Snohomish County, Skagit County, and King County. Let us work together to protect your rights. There is no charge for an initial consultation so call us today for a quote and let’s get started.

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